Fabric Face Mask (Washable)

Fabric Face Mask, cotton,vilene,layer,mask,handmade,protect,face,fabric

With the COVID-19 shut down, we have had to shut our stores and our workshop. Cutting off revenue to the business and our employees. I have made masks to fill the gap as I know they are in short supply and everyone desperately needs them. I applied to the CIPC to make and deliver these masks and I have been granted permission. They will also help to:

  1. Pay staff salaries
  2. Pay rent
  3. Have jobs to come back to when things get back to “normal” AND
  4. Make masks available to communities that need them and cannot afford to pay for them because **I will donate one mask to charity or a cause for every mask I sell**

Our masks are 3 layers – Two layers of cotton/linen, this makes them comfortable, allowing you to breathe and sweat absorbant, with a layer of Vilene (Interfacing a non-woven fabric) in-between the cotton with cotton binding ties. (Prints may vary)

If you order 5 masks, delivery is free. If you need more than 10 masks, please contact me at: info@trinity-designs.co.za

By selling these masks I am by no means saying you can now leave your home, this is only done if absolutely necessary however, when you do leave home, wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash and disinfect your hands before you touch your mask. (This mask can be washed)

REMEMBER: By wearing a mask I protect you and you protect me. Thank you. Be well and stay safe.

Mandie XX