Its all in the layering

The weight of a fabric is inconsequential, since seasonal dressing is all about layering – well said George Kotsiopoulos. As South Africans we live in a beautiful country with stunning weather cool mornings, warm days and crisp evenings. In some places we can go through all four seasons in one day! This is why I am such a fan of layering, the art of which I learnt while living in London. There is no need for you to look like the Michelin man just because winter has arrived.With layering you can be warm and still look stylish.Layering can be fun if you give yourself permission to experiment.

Grab a jacket whether it is a denim jacket (my go to) or an army jacket and throw it over a pretty summery dress to add warmth during Autumn.

Don’t be afraid of mixing different materials when layering leather, cotton, linen or wool.The idea of layering is you are able to remove items when it gets warmer and replace them when it gets cooler.

Having a wardrobe dedicated toWinter in South Africa is not only nonsensical it also is a waste of money.Take your summer dresses and add layers to them add a jumper and a jacket and if you are really freezing add boots and stockings the list is endless.Warmth this all in the layering! Get layering an have FUN! M xx